A four to five season plan to gain promotion by the club has happened after just three seasons and in two and a half years. Ikorodu City Football Club have gained promotion to the pinnacle of club football in Nigeria, the Nigeria Premier Football League and the reactions have been a lot.

All of the feelings have been enormous and we’ve got our directors to try to put their emotions into words considering that the club battled relegation in the last two seasons.

“It wasn’t an easy task because of how the season panned out as we battled relegation in our previous season. The promotion showed the work from top to bottom at the club & ultimately, the mentality of the players & coaching crew. There is still more work to be done as NPFL comes with bigger responsibility”, Sulaimon Adebayo (Pooja) said.

“Making it to the elite league in Nigeria after torrid seasons in the second tier league, where we battled with relegation twice, leaves us with some great feelings,” Olawale Quadry said. “It wasn’t looking like we would get the ticket to the NPFL at the start of the season, but along the line, the team started getting good results with decent performance and we started believing in them and boom we found ourselves in the top league in Nigeria. It was a dream come through for us as a model club and as individuals since we established the club in 2022”, Quadry concluded.

“The feeling is amazing. I still feel like I am dreaming that we were able to achieve the NPFL promotion in our third season when our original plan when we founded the club in 2022 was to target promotion after the fourth or fifth season in the NNL said Adepoju Tobi (Oganla). “The promotion is a testament to the hardwork by everyone involved in the club. The feeling is special and amazing although the NPFL comes with bigger responsibilities, but we will do our best to compete”, Tobi Adepoju concluded.