Ikorodu City FC, the OGA Boys in this tournament has been joy to watch.

Right from their very first game till the last, they’ve shown tenacity and the team spirit has been very high.

Beat Sporting Lagos City FC 2-1 in their first game, played 1-1 against Box To Box and a 3-1 win against Gbagada FC in their last game, the OGA Boys came out deservedly top of Group B with seven points.

Style of Play:

Ikorodu City FC plays a high pressing style of football, keeping their opponents locked up in their half. They play a 4-3-1-2 formation and at times play a direct 4-3-3 style. The team also posses the ability to switch formations in between games.

Key Players:

In this tournament, all players has been outstanding but based on the last match, I’ll pick two who really stood out.

Farouq Salami and Odibo Godwin.

Both scored a goal in the last game and were outstanding although they could’ve gotten more than they did and going forward in the tournament, should they maintain the momentum in the last game, they will be a real force to reckon with.

The coaching crew also have shown their tactical know so far in the tournament.

The ability to read the game, change tactics in-between matches, make the right substitution must be commended.

It is no doubt the team remains the favorite but crossing the hurdle ahead of them in today’s semi-final game against Smart City will further stamp the team’s foot on the footballing world in State.

Talking about our opponent for today’s semi-final Smart City FC, they’re compact at the back, sit behind to defend in units while also catching their opponents on the break but our team has shown they’ve got what it takes to break even the strongest of defenses and that is exactly what we will do today.

11:00am this morning is the time at the Teslim Balogun Stadium